Tips for Video Interview | How to crack virtual interview?

Tips for Video Interview | How to crack virtual interview?

Tips for Video/ Live/ Virtual Interview…!

Help You to impress Hiring Employer and Get the Job…!

Tips for Video/ Live/ Virtual Interview

As we all know, there is a trend in today’s world for Video call / Virtual interview and all of you are familiar with the basics of setting up for a video interview.

First thing for the video call / Virtual interview is to find a place with quiet and clean, make sure computer mic and sound is adjusted perfectly, and—seriously—put on some pants. As the more employers using Hangout, Zoom, or Skype for Virtual interviews.

Now you can brush up your skills to the next level from the below Tips for Video Interview.

Time of Video Interview – “Show Up” a Few Minutes Early

First Step is to know your Video call / Virtual interview time and the time zone of your interviewer. For example – Your in India and the person/manager taking your interview in in other country, so time zone will vary.

Show up in place for few minutes early and setup the computer video and audios for your Video/ Virtual interview. If the meeting is at 10.30 AM and you should not walk in to the meeting room at exactly 10.30 AM or even at 10:29 AM. Keep all unnecessary tabs closed from windows. And if you have something you’d like to show via screen share during your interview, make sure that it’s open and easy-to-access.

Start With a “Digital Handshake”

Start with Digital handshake in your Video/ Virtual interview, like Good Morning/ Afternoon/ Evening (based on Time) or Hello with Smile.

Don’t Sit Too Close or Too Far


Sit comfortably in the chair not too close or too far. Make sure your voice is reaching and face is visible perfectly (as you do for photography’s). To make yourself well presented during the Video/Virtual interview, make sure there’s a bit of empty space on the screen above your head and check that your shoulders and upper chest are visible.

Dress to Impress

When you get dressed for a Video call / Virtual interview, you want to be just as formal as you would be for an in-person interview. And make sure your outfit looks good on camera.

Practice for Video call / Virtual Interview


If you have a time before Video call / Virtual interview, do some practice sessions on your own or along with your friends / family. Most of the Job seekers have a natural habit of looking away from the camera and natural hand gestures while explaining or answering the questions, which will be not visible to the interviewer. Do some practice by recording from mobile or laptop and look what are the improvements will be more helpful when your actually doing the video/virtual interview.

Prepare Like You’re attending In-Person Interview

Just because your interview is happening over digitally, that does not mean it’s not a real interview. Make your self prepared for all kind of questions, like Technical, General knowledge or about the company and position, and questions to your interviewer in return”. And do not ask unrelated questions to interviewer.

Make sure no Interruptions in-between Interview


Make sure you’re not disturbed during Video/ Virtual interview. If possible setup the interview in separate room or close the door or inform anyone staying with you in the same room that they shouldn’t disturb you. And keep your Phones / electronic devices it in silent mode or turned off and pause any notifications on your computer.

If there’s any interruptions beyond your control, then inform the interviewer about it. For example, if you’re staying nearby crowd area like market, near to Station etc., you can make your interviewer aware of the possible noises/interruption.

Let the Other Person Finish Speaking

This is a good life advice in general for Life as well as for the Video/ Virtual interview, if you jump with your response before other persons stop speaking —this behavior makes you seem rude even if you didn’t intend to be.

And also with internet lag doe to low speed internet, there are chances of lag in receiving sound or he might have given pause in his talk. So once you think your interviewer is done, then take your call and if you’re not talking mute the mic.

Once Your Answers is Complete, make signal

It is helpful for the other person / interviewer, if you signal at the end of your answer, especially when the answer is a long one. You can make sure you conclude your answer strongly or ask the interviewer a question.

Additional points to be taken in to considerations

  • Make Few Notes—But refer to them as little as possible
  • Maintain Good Posture, it’s an video call
  • Stay focused on to the Screen, to see your face engaged
  • Treat your Video/ Virtual interview like a Conversation


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