Razorpay hiring Frontend Engineer | BE/B.Tech – CSE,IT,ECE

Razorpay hiring Frontend Engineer | BE/B.Tech – CSE,IT,ECE



We at Razorpay aim to make fintech solutions a super-slick experience from managing finances to making seamless payments. The frontend team at Razorpay strives to build solid frontend foundations, infrastructure, and top-notch experiences.

  • Freedom to evaluate and introduce new tools, libraries or coding standards.
  • Work towards developer productivity and platform tooling to solve for developer experience.
  • We love to evangelize tech and share knowledge internally and with external communities.
  • Grow as an individual contributor or team driver, however, you love. BYOG – Bring Your Own Goals.
  • Contribute to Product and Design ideas and Implement them as your own product. We value everyone’s inputs.

A glimpse of some exciting stuff that we are working on:

  • In-house Design System to serve multiple frameworks – React, React Native, and Svelte that we use across our projects.
  • Tailor-made build systems and scaffolding tools since setting up new projects and its complete infrastructure has always been a pain.
  • DIY (Do It Yourself) interfaces like design your own checkout page to show on your site, design your own payment button, etc.
  • And how can we forget about GraphQL that serves as our API gateway for our dashboards?

Company Website: www.razorpay.com

Job Position: Frontend Engineer

Job Location: Bangalore

Qualification : BE/B.Tech – CSE,IT,ECE



  • Strong knowledge of Javascript fundamentals, Object-oriented programming and Web concepts.
  • Experience or familiarity with React.js or any other frontend framework, and build tools like Webpack, Rollup, etc.
  • Zeal to learn new technologies, and Follow code quality and best practices at Razorpay.
  • Take end-to-end ownership of products. Ideate on product requirements with the team and drive it from design to implementation.
  • Curiosity to go in-depth of codebases and libraries and have the ability to set it up from scratch.
  • Open to work on constructive feedback and proactively shares the same with peers.
  • A peculiar sense of UI and UX.
  • Contribute to our dashboards to make it performant and modular.


  • You’re awesome at JavaScript. We use React.js, however, we prefer people who are strong in web concepts and fundamentals, and are open to learning any framework/library.
  • You have the ability to build features from scratch which are modular and scalable and can deliver it end-to-end.
  • Experience in React.js and its ecosystem, not just CRA!
  • You can share ideas and opinions with Product managers and Designers from an engineering lens.
  • You keep up-to-date with the latest trends, learn new concepts, or work on personal projects and would be eager to talk about ideas in internal or external forums.


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