BAJAJ is Hiring For Prduction/Manufacturing Postion

BAJAJ is Hiring For Prduction/Manufacturing Postion

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Support Services



Level / Grade


Functional Area



The role of welfare officer is to advise and assist factory management in providing welfare facilities, to promote good relations between the factory management and workers, to watch industrial relations with a view to using his influence to prevent a dispute arising between the factory management and workers etc.






  • Shall establish effective contacts and hold consultation for maintaining good relations between the management and employees;
  • Shall understand the grievances of the employees and bring them to the notice of the management for timely redressal;
  • Shall study and understand the employees for helping management to shape and formulate various policies and shall interpret various policies to the employees effectively;
  • Shall keep observing and resolve the issues arising between the management and employees and give proactive help to resolve issues whenever arises;
  • Shall advise and assist the management in ensuring compliances w.r.t.  the Factories Act, 1948 and the rules, 1963
  • Shall establish good liaison with DISH office and take active participation issues like medical service, medical examinations of employees, health records, supervision of hazards jobs, sick-visiting and convalescence, accident prevention and supervision of safety committee, systematic plant inspection, safety education, investigation of accidents, maternity benefits and employee’s compensation etc.;
  • Shall keep supervising amenities like canteen, shelters for rest, crèches, adequate latrines facilities, drinking water, sickness and benevolent scheme payments, pension and superannuation funds and gratuity payments etc.;
  • Shall explain employees about leave policy and to guide them to prevent unauthorized absenteeism;

1 Job Title Welfare officer cum Social counsellor
2 Reporting Functional reporting to Div Mgr – Support Services:
3 Background

i) Educational Qualification

Desirable: A person shall be eligible for appointment as a Welfare Officer, Additional Welfare Officer or Assistant Welfare Officer, possessing qualification of “obtained a degree or diploma in social science recognized by the State Government in this behalf” (Detailed List of degree/Diploma recognized by State Govt is enclosed as Annexure-A)

He got himself enrolled in the list maintained by the Chief Inspector of Factories, Bombay, under Rule 5; and has adequate knowledge of Marathi language.

ii) Experience Minimum:  5 Maximum: 10
iii) Age Limit Minimum:  30 Maximum:  40
4 Job Role & Responsibilities Role:  


Vertical Responsibilities:

  1. Welfare activities
  2. Social Counsellor
  3. Sports activities


Horizontal Responsibilities:


5 Competency Requirements Technical/ Functional:

Good Knowledge of Factories Act and Social Security benefit Acts applicable to Manufacturing Industries in Maharashtra, like PF, ESIC, Labour Welfare fund etc., Knowledge of social security schemes run by State Govt.



  • Good Communication Skill,
  • Knowledge of languages like, English, Hindi, Marathi.(Written & Verbal)
  • Interpersonal Effective ness,
  • Customer focus
  • Withstanding pressure
Specific expertise required for functional area:


He / She must have got him / herself enrolled in the list maintained by the Chief Inspector of Factories, Bombay, under Rule 5


6 Likely sources Organization example


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